New Experiences

After a busy summer and fall full of wonderful wedding shoots and family sittings November was a welcome break. The weather was unusually warm for the majority of the month, I guess it was preparing us for this blast of winter we recently received. It couldn’t be better timing though for a Central Alberta photojournalist who is heading out on her first destination wedding. On Friday November 19, I leave the frigid cold of Alberta and head south to Tulum in the Mayan Riveria of Mexico. A million thoughts run through my head… Make sure you bring an extra camera body, how many compact flash cards will you need?, do I really need my laptop?, how many lenses? The list goes on and on. I have to admit although I am excited to be heading away to a tropical paradise for work it is quite nerve racking thinking of the factors out of my control. Different than a regular wedding probably not so much however after three years of Alberta and B.C Wedding Photography one develops routines, I am not so sure the same routines will work in Mexico so it is a little bit of an adventure. The adventure to photograph a Wedding in a Mexican 5 Star Resort, how awesome is that! I will continue to pack my bags, check my list and plan for the shoot, knowing this next week will be a great experience for me, one filled with some amazing images for the bride and groom! See you in a week Alberta, if you could plan a chinook when we come home…. that would be awesome.

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